Tenant Decleration

I confirm that the information supplied, to the best of my knowledge and belief, to be true. I consent to this information being verified by contacting the third parties in this form. I understand that the results of the findings will be forwarded to the appointed letting agent and/or landlord and may be accessed again should I default on my rental payment or apply for a new tenancy agreement in the future.

I understand that in the event of any default by me in the covenants in my tenancy agreement with my landlord, the information contained herein may be disclosed to tracing companies and/or debt collection agencies in order to recover any monies due or to trace my whereabouts

The information provided in this form by me is information as described in Ground 17 of the Housing Act 1966 and I understand that in any information within this application is found to be untrue, it is grounds for termination of the tenancy. I also understand that any default in the payment of rent will affect any future application for tenancies, credit or insurance.

Please ensure this form is returned to Habitat Lettings as soon as possible and within 7 days of viewing the proposed property.